Famous Glass Art at West Palm Beach FL

One of the more well-known installations in the world of Glass Art is found in West Palm Beach FL. “Persian Sea,” by Dale Chihuly, is situated in the Harris Family Pavilion at Norton Museum of Art. The Harris Family Pavilion is an outdoor rental facility at the museum where a dinner reception can hold up to forty guests in its four hundred and ninety-four square feet area.

“Persian Sea”

According to Dr. Roger Ward, Chihuly took into consideration the environment surrounding the Pavilion which inspired the creation of “Persian Sea,” a ceiling installation. The magic that belongs to the sea is created from about 650 individual Glass Art pieces such as starfish, plants, cherubim and seraphim and all other sea life. Chihuly was unable to go to West Palm Beach FL personally to supervise the installation, but he created a smaller model out of his studio for other artists to help him install the “Persian Sea.” Smaller pieces of glass art were chosen, and the pieces increased gradually in size. Factors such as the shapes of the glass art, along with colors and distribution of the weight of each piece were carefully considered. The complexity of this installation is evident with four feet layering of glass artwork composition that is not glued together. They are placed like jigsaw puzzles by their weight and balance on a three-quarter inch sheet of glass.

Glass Art in West Palm Beach FL

Chihuly said, “Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way.” With its beautiful sky in West Palm Beach FL, the location is perfect for “Persian Sea.” The extraordinary combination of marine colors in Chihuly’s Glass Art, accentuated by the natural lights of West Palm Beach’s sky, makes for an unforgettable event to be had at Harris Family Pavilion.

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