Fast and Potent Cannabis Flower Delivery in Riverside

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Cannabis Store

Do you want fast cannabis flower delivery in Riverside? Have you had delivery before but found yourself disappointed with the products? Developed by the Claybourne Company, Gold Cuts provides top-of-the-line cannabis flower. Each flower product is dense with terpenes and flavor. You must be over the age of 21 to purchase any cannabis product. The delivery driver may request photo identification to verify your age.

Gold Cuts: Bangers

Claybourne Company took premium cannabis flower to the next level with their breeding and selection program. This program is performed in-house to develop cannabis flower with unique genetics. Approximately 10 percent of their entire facility is dedicated to the development of cannabis flower above industry standards. Using the top research equipment and professionals, Claybourne Company uses a trial selection process in which less than 1% of flower passes their standards. Gold Cuts by Claybourne Company is this selected flower. It is highly potent with a big flavor. When you order cannabis flower delivery in Riverside, you will want a truly potent flower such as Gold Cuts.


Consumers love Gold Cuts cannabis flower delivery in Riverside. It is fast, convenient, and potent. If you have never tried Gold Cuts, you should consider these top five products:

  1. Wintergreen Supreme
  2. Tropic Fury
  3. The Judge
  4. Vanilla Dice
  5. Icecream Paint Job

Wintergreen Supreme is a hybrid that leans towards Indica and has a pungent Earthy smell. By far a consumer favorite, Wintergreen Supreme is dense with D-Limonene and THCa. You will enjoy a dramatic and loud minty nose.

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