Fast, Secure Jail Release With Bail Bonds Service in Oklahoma City, OK

Bail bonds service in Oklahoma City, OK, is quick, reliable and discreet. Average release times range from two hours to two days after the agent posts bond for the defendant. Here’s how it works.

Around-the-Clock Service

Most bail bond agencies accept phone calls and offer free telephone consultations 24/7. Agents can even perform warrant checks to confirm the inmate’s full name, jail location, booking number, charges and bail amount.

If the bail amount isn’t available at booking time, the court imposes it at a subsequent arraignment or bail hearing. Bail amounts for repeat misdemeanors and even first-time felons depend largely on criminal history, the seriousness of the charges and potential flight risks.

What to Bond Services Include

As part of his/her service, the bond agent draws up and completes all necessary bail bond paperwork the court requires. Service might also entail jail and court advice. It’s in the bond agent’s interest for the defendant to appear, so some agents offer gentle court date reminders or even accompany defendants to court.

Bond service typically covers prompt posting of bonds for the quickest release possible. The agent anticipates and helps family and friends address any possible concerns relating to the bail bond process. To know more, click here

Paying for Bail Bonds

Bail bonds cost about 10 to 15 percent of the defendant’s total bail. This cost is a nonrefundable premium for the agent’s services. Negotiating a lower cost is acceptable in some instances. Cash, credit cards, checks and money orders are all viable forms of payment.

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