Filing for Divorce with Help from Divorce Lawyers in Grand Forks, ND

Unfortunately, not every marriage has a fairy-tale ending and many of them end in divorce. If you live in North Dakota, you have to be an established resident of the state in order to get a divorce, otherwise your request will not be accepted or it can be dismissed. When you want to get a divorce, you should hire one of the divorce lawyers in Grand Forks, ND to make sure you are following the law in order to expedite your divorce.

Reasons for Divorce

Even though North Dakota has no-fault divorce, you must name a reason for getting a divorce that can be substantiated in court or be agreed upon by both parties. The legal reason for a no-fault divorce in ND is irreconcilable differences, which if agreed upon can make short work of a divorce. However, if the defendant in a divorce wants to go to court to fight it, the court must be able to substantiate allegations in order to grant a divorce to the plaintiff.

Other Grounds for Divorce

On the advice of divorce lawyers, plaintiffs may name other reasons for wanting a divorce, including adultery, extreme cruelty, a felony conviction, abuse of alcohol or other controlled substances, willful neglect, or willful abandonment.

North Dakota is also an “equitable” division state, so if there are marital assets to be divided, it is done fairly if the couple cannot agree how to divide them. These assets may include money and property, and, if they have debts, then those debts may be divided equitably between the couple as well.

Experienced divorce lawyers can help mediate terms between couples to keep their divorces out of the courts. If they can reach terms that both parties think are fair, then the courts can grant divorces quickly and the couples can part ways.