Finding the Right Brain Injury Attorney

Many Americans suffer the devastating effects of a brain injury each year. Not only does the victim suffer a loss, but so does the victim’s family. Often times, litigation occurs after accidents that have caused some sort of brain injury, In cases where litigation is needed, it is important to find a brain injury attorney who represents exactly what the client is and is looking for.

Each year more almost four million children and adults in the United States sustain what is known as an Acquired Brain Injury, or ABI. These types of injuries are not genetic – they happen to people every day. They can happen by stroke, drowning, seizure, tumors on the brain, lack of oxygen to the brain, etc. It it believed that more than 12 million Americans live with the effects of an ABI each year.

There is also another type of brain injury called a TBI. Tramautic Brain Injuries can be caused by falls, being struck by something, vehicle crashes, etc. More than 15 million Americans are believed to be living with a TBI – with an unknown amount of Americans living with an undiagnosed injury. Each day nearly 150 people die because of a Traumatic Brain Injury. Every 13 seconds someone in the United States is diagnosed with a TBI. There is no estimate as to how high that number might be if everyone who actually had the injury were diagnosed.

When looking for a brain injury attorney, as with any attorney, it is important to do research first. Ask around for references. Look online for reviews. Call the prospective attorneys themselves and ask them questions. See what their attitude and character are like.

One thing to be sure and check is their experience. Do they have enough experience litigating the type of injuries that will be required in this case? If not, consider moving on. When considering attorneys, one website to view is website. Four decades of experience provides a lot of different scenarios with which to work. Experience isn’t everything, but it says a lot about an attorney when they have managed to last so long in such an unforgiving industry. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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