Finding The Right VoIP Solutions For Your Business

There are a lot of different options when it comes to VoIP service providers. There are even more choices in hosted VoIP solutions. Taking the time to compare what different service companies are offering is critical to finding the ideal VoIP system for your business.

Companies that are providing VoIP technology will have a variety of features and options that can be tailored to the needs of your business and your employees. IT Partners+ is a top example of a company that customizes the VoIP system they install to work for the business and not have the business work into a package.

Look for hosted VoIP solutions that offer value-added features. These include the services you want your phone system to include. A few options for these added features from top VoIP service providers include full integration with mobile phones include voicemail retrieval through mobile email clients, call center functionality, call recording and even auto attendant features.

Call Answering

With enterprise-grade VoIP, answering phones should never be a problem. The auto attendant feature can be instrumental in routing calls to the right department. The option to park an incoming call on a shared line and then allow an available person to answer the call is another important consideration.

This ensures that incoming calls from customers are never routed to a busy line or sent to a voicemail box. When your business is focused on top customer service, this is an important consideration. Other factors such as holiday routing and the ability to transfer calls to other devices also provide options worth considering.

Additional Considerations

Make sure to also check for a unique desktop application that allows for control over the system in one easy to use, centralized app. Finally, and this is also important, check the phones provided with the system and if the package includes upgrades as part of the service.

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