First-Time Mommy? 5 Questions about a Doula

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Health

There are easy ways to make your pregnancy a much more enjoyable experience. One option is to hire a doula.

What’s a doula?

This refers to a professional who assists moms with the birthing experience. They often have extensive experience in providing much-needed support and assistance before, during and after childbirth.

What do you need?

Many believe these professionals are only labor support companions. But there are antepartum doulas and postpartum doulas, says the American Pregnancy Association. You might want to hire one to help you through the pregnancy and childbirth up to caring for a newborn or you could simply hire a labor companion. Decide which type you need and go from there.

When to hire one?

You can hire one a few months before your due date. This way, you can develop a relationship with your doula wherein you feel free to ask for clarifications about some of the things that might be worrying you about the birthing process. You could also freely express your fears as well as concerns. A capable pregnancy companion will patiently provide you with explanations and information you need to ease your worries as well as encourage you to talk to your doctor about them. You can also partner with one to create your birth plan.

What to look for?

Since these companions don’t just provide helpful assistance and information to parents, it’s essential that you look for someone you feel comfortable with. Experience and credentials are great but you need someone who makes you feel comfortable and puts you at ease.

How to hire one?

Look for reputable childbirth and pregnancy services online. Check if they have doula services to offer. Go online or ask around. This will also be handy for you in case you need other forms of assistance such as lactation counseling as well as labor classes and workshops.

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