Fix It with Roof Sealants

Can you hear the drip, drop? If so, consider yourself fortunate. Taking action to address a leaky roof can save you extensive costs associated with long-term water damage to commercial facilities. A leaky roof unnoticed can have a lasting impact on a building’s structural integrity. Damage to the roof, walls and flooring are just a few examples. What about the building’s contents? Eliminating a leaky roof is the first-step to returning your commercial facility to a healthy environment for occupants free from allergens, mold, and bacteria.

Caulk vs. Sealant

The waterproofing manufacturing industry continues to keep pace applying 21st-century research and technology to produce better commercial grade roof sealants that stop water from permeating roof tops. Don’t be fooled, there is a big difference between caulk and sealant. Caulk is not flexible and can shrink up to 30% after the curing stage. Sealants provide flexibility and adhere to horizontal and vertical joints. They have no shrinkage and can be applied to metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, plastic, bolt-heads and fasteners. Sealing bolt-heads, fasteners, and other uniquely shaped openings guarantee your roof will remain water proof for many years to come.

Seal the Envelope

Sealants are used to repair penetrations and transitions to roof tops. Proper application can create an air-tight envelope. That translates into energy cost savings. Sealant application requires some preparation by cleaning the area or joints before applying. Different types of sealants withstand a varying range of temperatures, and you should check the manufacturers’ application specification guidelines. The good news, sealants rely on moisture-cure process and once generally applied exhibit very little dirt pick-up. Another added benefit, you can apply a color tint to match the sealant to your roof. An air-tight envelop will keep walls and floors dry and protect the contents of the commercial property.

Make the Investment

Consult a professional contractor to determine your roof’s condition. Consider using roof sealants for repairs and add years of protection to your commercial investment. Reduce the waste associated with energy loss, water damage and molds. Provide a safe, healthy environment for occupants and preserve the structural integrity of your commercial investment. For new or existing construction do-it-right the first-time and seal those joints, trim, and other areas that penetrate the building envelope.

For more than 67 years, Thermo Manufacturing Systems has manufactured time-tested, superior waterproofing products for the commercial roofing industry.

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