Fix Your Foundation Problems Using Foundation Contractors in Oklahoma City

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Foundation Repair

A home is an expensive proposition and, for many families, it may well be the most expensive purchase they ever make. This is one reason that taking care of the property is very important. One problem that homeowners face is the shifting of the soils under the foundation. This shifting is often caused by water and the weight of the building over improperly prepared subsoils. Water problems can occur in areas with high water tables. This usually causes slow water drain-off and water pooling around and under the foundation. Moist soils will shift under the constant weight of the home, pushing down on them, and the only solution is to contact foundation contractors Oklahoma City.

There are several methods for shoring up a foundation. Which is used will depend on the cause of the foundation failure. For instance, in areas with loose soil or high water tables, it may not be cost effective to use a technique like mud jacking. Mud jacking is a method of elevating the foundation using pressured concrete or polymer resins. The foundation contractors Oklahoma City generally use quick setting materials so the weight of the building doesn’t force the concrete or resin to push out.

Alternatives to mud jacking include concrete and steel piles, and a more stable method known as ram jacking. Ram jacking takes piles to the next level. The system works by forcing the piles deeper into the supporting soil. In most cases, this puts the piles on bedrock, which gives the foundation something strong to support the weight. Like any other method of foundation repair, it requires the engineer to study the problem and determine the best places to locate the piles.

Foundation problems can be tough to fix. Attempting to repair the problem using inferior methods will usually make the situation worse. This is mainly because the repair will interfere with any future repairs that will need to be made. If you have noticed problems in the house such as sticking doors or windows, cracks in the walls or separating bricks or blocks then it is time to consult a specialist. To begin your quest for foundation repair information, visit this Fan page.

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