Focusing on Healthier Eating at the Best Pizza Places In Phoenix

During a routine checkup, a doctor might encourage the patient to lose some weight and eat a healthier diet. Blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure numbers are creeping a bit too high. This individual feels motivated to make changes, but where to begin? Interestingly enough, an ideal way to start is eating at one of the best pizza places in Phoenix.

Lower-Calorie Toppings

People who are accustomed to eating pizza laden with pepperoni, bacon, and extra cheese may have a little trouble viewing this food as healthy. An effective solution is to swap out those toppings for lower-calorie versions like vegetables and chicken.

Adding Salads

That’s not to say this person can never have their favorite meat toppings. The trick is to eat less pizza in one sitting and fill it up with other foods. The best pizza places in Phoenix offer a variety of salads. Eating a Greek, Caesar, or garden salad before the main course arrives calms a strong appetite while also boosting vegetable intake. The customer should plan on bringing leftovers home or having to share the pizza with others who can help finish it off.

Pizza as a Side Dish

Another possibility is to eat a lower-calorie meal while treating pizza as a side dish. The main course might consist of grilled chicken or half of a turkey sub sandwich. A slice or two of pizza would be an added treat. If the customer has enough self-discipline to eat less than he or she usually would at a restaurant, ordering any Italian food would fit the goal of lower-calorie eating. Not everyone is accustomed to bringing the leftover food home, but that can serve as another great lunch the next day.