For A Strong Floor, Choose An Epoxy Floor in New York

Commercial building owners who need a very strong floor that can be cleaned with harsh cleaners often choose an Epoxy Floor in New York. Poured floors can be ordered in different thicknesses depending on how durable they need to be. The thickness of the floor determines the final price. Warehouses with heavy equipment used for loading and unloading goods need strong flooring. Medical facilities and labs need seamless floors that do not allow the build-up of dirt or germs and can take strong cleaners. An Epoxy Floor in New York has many advantages.

Why Choose an Epoxy Poured Floor?

Poured floors come in epoxy, urethane, or acrylic formulations. Epoxy is the strongest type of poured floor. It is also a little more expensive. Owners of buildings whose floors get hard use, have wheeled carts going over them, or have a history of flooring seams failing, will be wise to pay the higher price to get a seamless commercial grade floor that will last years longer than another flooring.

Epoxy floors are waterproof and very strong. They can have color flakes or chips added in an overall pattern or a custom pattern that is more decorative. This poured floor choice can be very attractive as well as being strong and long-lasting. Poured epoxy floors work very well in automobile showrooms or in home garages where they are driven on. Medical labs where the floor must be seamless and cleanable do very well with poured floors. Many commercial floors do well with poured floors.

The Importance Of Proper Installation

A poured floor, even an epoxy poured floor is only as good as its installation. The company installing the poured floor should be an approved applicator for the flooring manufacturer. The flooring company installers must properly prepare the base before installing the poured floor. The floor must be level, smooth, and free of dirt, adhesive, or grease. The proper equipment must be used to ensure the poured floor goes on in a smooth even layer of the proper thickness.

The decor flakes or chips must be applied expertly to form an attractive design in the floor. Finally, an even layer of clear top coat must be applied, dried, cured, and then buffed to a perfect finish. When a poured floor is applied correctly, it will be strong, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Go to for additional information. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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