For Residential Electrical Services Louisville KY Electricians Can Upgrade a Vacation Property

When someone decides to turn a hunting or fishing cabin into a full-fledged vacation home, a great deal of electrical work will probably be necessary. For Residential Electrical Services Louisville KY has licensed electricians that are ready to travel throughout the Kentuckiana region and make upgrades to these properties.

Turning a small, rustic cabin into a vacation retreat usually involves having additions built onto the original structure. At a minimum, any new rooms will need wiring and outlets. The property owners may also want permanent lighting fixtures installed throughout the building. If more appliances are to be moved in, specific types of electrical work may be necessary as well. An electric oven, for instance, is substantially different than relying on a microwave oven and a coffee-pot. A clothes dryer creates a further need for residential electrical services in Louisville, KY is known for.

There may be little to no electrical features on the outside of the existing structure. Most people want to have at least a couple of outlets on the exterior of the house. The property owners may want an electrician from a company such as Mister Sparky to install motion lights to brighten the way for guests and to scare off would-be burglars when no one is around.

Photographic equipment commonly known as hunting or trail cameras can be set up to take photos as motion is sensed; these are fun devices since they can capture a multitude of animal pictures. They also can function as security cameras, or the property owner may want the electrician to install a security system that includes a burglar alarm. If a deck or patio is to be installed, outdoor lighting will enhance that space.

Waterfront property may result in a need for electrical power to operate a boat lift and to manage a dock. An electric winch can lower a dock into the water at the start of the boating season and haul it out again in autumn. The equipment is especially helpful on sloped land. It’s essential to have a licensed electrician work on the power at the dock, since electricity and water can be a hazardous mix.

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