Four Things to Avoid After Completing Hair Restoration

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss, often leaving both genders desiring a replacement for the hair that has fallen from their heads. Hair Restoration in New Jersey is a possibility for many, with the help of a few different procedures, including FUT and FUE surgery. No matter which procedure is done, there are some things that should be avoided following the treatment.

The Sun
During the process of restoring hair, the skin will be extra sensitive. Avoiding the sun will avoid further sensitivity issues that can arise. If the patient must go out in the sun, it is best to wear a loose-fitting hat that will protect the head from the sun’s rays, but also not be too constricting on the head to cause discomfort.

Excessive sweating can increase the risk for infection after a restoration procedure. This means exercise should be avoided until the site has healed fully. Even saunas should be avoided, as they cause people to sweat as well.

Since alcohol affects the bloodstream, it is important to avoid it before and after the procedure. The blood in the body needs to be as healthy as possible to ensure the healing process goes quickly. Once the process has been completely, and the hair is sealed properly, then moderate consumption of alcohol can commence.

Hair Products
Medical hair products may contain chemicals which are harsh on the healing scalp. These should be avoided until they have been checked with the physician to ensure they are okay to use. He will be able to inform each patient about which ingredients are safe to use and which ones should be left out of the hair care routine.

Hair Restoration in New Jersey can be completed on almost anyone, as long as they meet the criteria. The clinic will work with everyone to ensure the best possible procedure is chosen to meet their needs. Those who only require a small amount of restoration will not require as much recovery time as those who need extensive work done. With the aforementioned things being avoided, the healing process will go as smoothly as possible, and patients will have the hair they were looking for in no time.