Frequently Asked Questions About Bands And Shapes Of Engagement Rings In Smyrna

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting event, but if you’re unsure about what to buy, it can be frustrating. Before you go shopping for Engagement Rings in Smyrna, read the frequently asked questions below about the various wedding band metals and diamond shapes.

Q.) What are the different types of metals for engagement ring bands?

A.) When choosing the perfect band, you can select from yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum and rose gold. Yellow, white and rose gold are very similar in substance, but a different alloy is added to each one to change the color of the metal. A white metal, such as nickel or palladium, is added to the metal to create white gold, which is silver in color. Rose gold has a pinkish tint and this comes from the copper that’s mixed in. Yellow gold is gold colored, but it’s not pure gold, as it has other alloys such as zinc mixed in with the metal. Platinum is a white metal that’s strong and hypoallergenic. Silver engagement ring bands are durable and less expensive than other metals.

Q.) What are the various shapes of diamonds used in engagement rings?

A.) When you look at the different types of engagement rings, you’ll notice that there are numerous diamond shapes available. The most common shapes are round, oval, pear, heart, princess, emerald and marquise. A princess cut diamond is one of the most popular shapes and it has the basic shape of a square. An emerald cut diamond has a rectangular shape and angled corners. A marquise diamond is a vertically long diamond with a larger center and tapered ends. This type of diamond looks best on a person that has long fingers.

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