General Contractors And Construction Management Services

The term “construction management services” is increasingly common. Owners, architects and construction companies use it regularly considering when referring to one of the more common forms of handling a project in Madison WI. It is an option to the traditional method of hiring several contractors or general contractors to oversee a project. However, it is not uncommon for a general contractor to assume the role of construction manager (CM).

General Contractor as Construction Manager

When a CM is also the general contractor, the owner hands over responsibility for the project to him/her. Considering the traditional scope of work a general contractor handles, it is not beyond his or her capabilities to assume this position. After all, a general contractor

  • Arranges for and provides all the material
  • Is responsible for hiring all labor
  • Provides all necessary equipment
  • Takes care of all services required for the construction project
  • Gathers bids, vets and hires all subcontractors

General contractors are the overseers of construction projects. They provide the owner with the information they require. As the eyes and voice on the site, they ensure the work is done to meet the owner’s expectations.

General Contractors and Managers

Yet, a general contractor may not have all the experience or expertise all phases of a project may require. To manage successfully, a construction project requires more than the ability and expertise to maintain everything under physical and financial control on site. Construction management services in places such as Madison WI involve several stages – beginning with the initial planning. In other words, the contractor must be capable of

  • Initial planning with architects, owners and other invested individuals and companies
  • Establishing a project plan complete with details on specific aspects of pre and post-construction aspects
  • Developing a functional schedule
  • Monitoring the project schedule
  • Dealing with changes in events

Each step of the process from design to post-construction requires certain skills that some general contractors may have – but not all.

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