It’s a point of pride for any small business when you grow to the point where you are shipping LTL or containers of product. It’s also the point where errors can occur in weighing your cargo, and this can cost you serious money in re-weighing charges. Cargo carriers have weight limits that must be strictly adhered to, and even a pound too much can upset an entire shipment. It’s more important than ever if you are shipping cargo from Dallas TX to have an accurate digital floor scale weighing system in place.

Bench Your Bench Scale

Most bench scales can easily handle parcels up to 250 pounds with an 18” by 18” footprint, but if you are shipping pallets it’s time to bring in something designed especially to handle cargo and pallet loads. Depending on what you are shipping, your pallet can run anywhere from under 200 pounds to more than 1000. You need a digital floor scale with versatility to handle whatever you throw at it. Cargo scales are used by large-scale air cargo carriers to weigh outbound containers of goods so that they can be safely loaded into the aircraft. These floor scales are highly precise and designed to take loads that are too big or heavy for a bench scale to accurately weigh.

Pick Your Scale

Whether you are thinking of using a pancake scale, dual roller scale, or swivel caster scale, you can count on this kind of equipment to be durable, accurate, and an asset to your shipping department. You can even install a scale on your forklift that will tell you the amount of weight being handled by the forks without taking up floor space. There are a lot of different options available to you that can be uniquely tailored to your space and equipment.