Get Help With Your Disability Benefits in Muskegon MI

When you become disabled and are no longer able to work, you have the right to file for disability benefits. Though you have a right to receive these benefits, it can be difficult for you to be able to be approved for them. Often, people filing for disability are given the run around. Many people are denied when they first file for benefits. This is often because they are not fully aware of their rights or how they need to fill out their paperwork. It is important you are aware of your rights and get help in protecting them. When filing for there, it can be helpful to hire a lawyer to assist you.

What Can You Expect When You File for Bankruptcy?

When you first file for bankruptcy, you will be required to provide statements from at least two medical doctors. These doctors will need to state that you are fully and permanently disabled. Without these medical forms being filled out, you will find it impossible to be approved for your Disability Benefits in Muskegon MI.

Once you have filed, the waiting period will begin. You will need to wait for the decision to be sent back to you. This can take a few weeks. Do not be surprised if you receive a denial of your benefits. This is normal for people who are first filing for benefits. This is why having a lawyer working on your side can be so beneficial. The lawyer can file an appeal for you, so your benefits can be approved by a disability judge.

If your case is appealed, your lawyer can submit evidence, to show the judge you truly are disabled. Your medical records can be submitted and the lawyer can bring in doctors to testify on your behalf. When your benefits are approved, you will receive a lump sum payment dating back to when you first filed for disability. After this first payment, you will receive normal monthly payments.

If you have become disabled and are in need of legal help, visit They will be glad to help you in getting the benefits you deserve.

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