Get Ready For Winter With Roof Repair In Gig Harbor

What’s the big deal about a roof? The roof is an important part of the home because it serves many purposes. A roof helps to keep a house dry and the critters out. It also helps with the heating and air conditioning in a home. A roof should be regularly maintained to extend its usefulness.

Exhaust pipes, skylights, and chimneys that travel through the roof. These are sealed with caulking that needs to be inspected every year. When this caulking crack, it will cause leaks in a home. With proper maintenance and Roof Repair in Gig Harbor, water will not penetrate the living space of a home.


By the time a homeowner sees water on the ceiling of their home, the leak needs to be repaired immediately. Many homeowners cannot see there is a leak developing in their roof until the water shows up on the ceiling. A roofing company can get on the roof and examine the shingles, caulking, and gutters. Loose shingles will allow water to travel under the shingles. When the water freezes, it will loosen other shingles on the roof.


If a shingle is missing on the roof, it should be replaced as quickly as possible. A roofing company will be able to match the existing shingle with a new shingle. If a homeowner notices a lot of granules coming out of the downspout, the shingles are failing. A shingle can feel early from too much heat in the attic from poor ventilation, and because of too much shade from trees.


Roofing companies provide maintenance programs that include a lot of services. The maintenance program can be scheduled on a quarterly, semiannually or annually. There is no obligation or upfront fee for this service. The maintenance program includes pressure washing the roof, removal of moss and debris, a general roof inspection, cleaning of the gutters and roof.

When hiring a roofing company to perform work, the workers should be fully licensed and insured. This will limit a homeowner’s risk if someone is hurt. Don’t wait any longer to have the roof inspected and the repairs you need to be performed before winter arrives.