Get the smile of your dreams with a smile makeover

A smile makeover consists of one or more cosmetic dental procedures which, once completed, will change your appearance and your smile for the better. A typical New York smile makeover may include such procedures as teeth whitening, ceramic or resin veneers, teeth bonding, dental implants and even modification to the teeth shape.


An experienced cosmetic dentist will take time to study the face shape of the patient as well as skin tine, lip color, gums and more. A smile makeover is designed exclusively for the patient and takes into account these and other considerations. The cosmetic dentist will include you in the design decision, inviting your input on your likes and dislikes.

The dentist:

General dentists are primarily involved in tooth restoration. The dentist that performs a New York smile makeover will not only have all the skills that your general dentist has, he or she will have artistic skills that are employed to ensure that you end up with a beautiful, natural smile that is completely in unison with your facial features.

A few smile makeover options:

  • Missing teeth: Missing teeth are a huge distraction from your appearance. Not only that, missing teeth easily allow the teeth on either side of the gap to move, this results in misaligned and often crooked teeth. The cosmetic dentist will usually employ a dental implant but may also suggest a fixed bridge under certain conditions.
  • Tooth color: Discolored or badly stained teeth are distracting. The dentist can choose a specific shade that compliments your face and skin tone. There are a number of options available to the dentist including teeth whitening, veneers, bonding or crowns.
  • Alignment: Patients with seriously misaligned teeth will have to undergo orthodontic intervention before they get their smile makeover. Patients with slightly overlapped or crooked teeth however can be treated using veneers or Invisalign aligners.

Your cosmetic dentist will work closely with you to ensure that your New York smile makeover achieves exactly what it is you wanted from the outset.