Get Tin Ceiling Tiles in Long Island NY for a Home Project

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Tin ceiling tiles are thin pieces of steel with decorative designs coated with tin or other metal. Tin tiles, commonly used on ceilings in the late 1800s and early 1900s, were patterned after more expensive decorative plaster placed in high-end homes. At this time in history, tin ceilings were valued for being safer than other options as much of the cooking and lighting in homes was still open flame. If a fire did break out, the tin ceiling would inhibit the spread and allow people on higher levels more time to escape the building. Tin Ceiling Tile Long Island NY is had used in homes buildings again due to versatility and durability.

Modern tin ceiling tiles are made of steel and coated with tin or other metals. The tin coating prevents rusting and corrosion. A variety of patterns are available on tin ceiling tiles. Individuals restoring older homes with tin ceiling tiles may still be able to match the original patterns. Unlike the old tin ceiling tiles, modern tiles have a larger variety of finishes. In addition, tiles can be painted to match any color scheme.

Tin Ceiling Tile Long Island NY can be used to add beauty and a vintage appeal to any home. There are three components to a tin ceiling. The decorative field panels are tiles and cover surface area. Filler tiles are available to create a border around the field panels. A cornice is used around the perimeter of the ceiling and acts as a transition between the ceiling and wall. Each of these components is used to finish a ceiling, or can be used creatively to complete unique decorating projects. Tin ceiling tiles make an exquisite back splash. They have also been used as wainscoting, on cabinet doors, and around fireplaces.

As in earlier times, an additional benefit to using tin ceiling tiles in a home is for increased durability. Since tin ceiling tiles are made of metal, they have a higher fire safety rating than other ceiling materials. They will not combust and require little maintenance. Once installed, the new tin tiles will only need to be dusted periodically. In addition to being fire proof, finished ceiling tiles are resistant to water damage and will not mold.

Tin ceiling tiles add a distinct decorative appeal to ceilings, back splashes, and any other creative application. Visit to get your Tin Ceiling Tile Long Island NY.

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