Getting Crazy with a Wood Wall Covering

No matter what kind of walls your home may have they always require a little attention. Sometimes they need a little more than just a simple coat of paint. Many times a wall simply needs sprucing up, something to make it stand out and make any and all of your rooms come together. It is very simple to create that floor to ceiling look that you have always dreamed about by installing a wood wall covering. Instead of hanging standard wallpaper or repainting your walls how about creating a sleek, creative look that will last for many years to come. It is not difficult to do with the right tools in hand.


In order to prepare your wall for the wood wall covering install, you must first to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared just as you would a floor. Many homeowners have not touched their walls since they moved in so they will definitely need some tender loving care. Make sure your walls are even so that those wall bumps do not cost you a real bump in the road financially.

Getting Started

One thing you can do to check to see if you have any structural damage to your walls is to use nylon string to measure and che0ck for warped walls. Then you will have to place a half inch of plywood to the wall. This will even things out for you wall and also create an anchor for your walls and your flooring for many years to come.

Securing Your Wall

Once the plywood is placed onto the wall you will need to make sure it is perfectly in place, and use screws to keep it secured to the wall. After the screws are carefully screwed in this not only makes certain that your wall is secure but also your floor.

Finishing Touches

You will need some help to finish up the installation of your wood wall covering. Grab your husband, wife, or a capable grown-up so they can assist you in snapping the chalk line about a half an inch or so off of the floor and hammering down the nails creating an anchor for your floor and wall. You need to make sure that the joints are staggered as well as secured all the way up to the ceiling and back down.  And last but not least you can oil up that wall and make it shine so you have the sleekest look in town.

See, that was not so bad now, was it? Now you have that amazing floor to ceiling look without a boat load of hassle. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery because now you have that beautiful wood wall covering you have always dreamed of.

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