When life gets too busy, you can miss a lot of details. That includes stains and grime on your office carpets. One day, you turn and suddenly see your carpet for what it is: a dirt magnet. Give your carpets a fresh start by cleaning them. Here’s how:

Carpet Problems
Spills are common on carpets. No matter how careful you are, there’s always that one wild moment when you understand that there is no way the human body can move faster than that steaming mug of coffee toppling over the table. The laws of physics trumps human speed every time. So you learn to live with the stains instead.

Another problem is the dirt. Foot traffic is the usual culprit. At work, people don’t take their shoes off so everyone who comes through the door of the office is tracking dirt inside. That’s one-way grime and dirt build-up on your carpets.

Basics to Remember
BGH says it’s best to have your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Consider doing it more frequently, though, if you’ve got that carpet in a spot where there’s high foot traffic, like near the door or pantry or conference rooms. Never forget to check on the cleaning guidelines from the manufacturer, though. It’s best to know if there are any ingredients you should affect so as not to ruin the carpet.

Colorfast Feature
If you’ve ever had to deal with ‘bleeding’ carpets, ones with colors that run and bleed when you tried to clean them, then one way to make sure you don’t have to again is to get colorfast carpets which don’t fade, bleed or change colors when you clean them. If you’re wondering if any of your old carpets are colorfast, though, you can always ask the manufacturer to verify that.

Cleaning Steps
It’s a bit inconvenient to clean carpets especially if they’re under a whole lot of furniture. They can be a lot too so that’s going to mean tedious work. If you want to provide your employees with a clean working environment, getting your carpets cleaned is crucial. Choose a professional carpet cleaning service in Pittsburgh like ZEROREZ to help resolve the problem.

So don’t let dirty carpets leave guests with a bad impression of your workplace or give your office a reputation for dirty floors. Get a professional carpet cleaning service in Pittsburgh to help you keep your carpets pristine and spotless.