Getting the Help You Need From a Matrimonial Law Lawyer in Northfield, NJ

Although you never dreamed this could happen, you now have a divorce to work through and a spouse ready to fight hard to stop you from getting a fair hearing. The only way to ensure every single part of the process is balanced on both sides is to hire a matrimonial law lawyer to work with you. These professionals understand how to handle nearly any strategy your spouse may use to create an unfair divorce settlement, and they may even help you end the proceedings with a settlement that leans in your favor.

Child Custody

You cannot afford not to have a matrimonial law lawyer on your side if you must fight for custody of your child or children, as your spouse is likely to hire his or her own family law attorney. Having someone skilled in child custody law on your side will ensure that you never make any accidental mistakes that could hurt your goals and that you receive a fair hearing if you are the father of the children. A professional such as Michael T. Wolf, Esq in Northfield, NJ can not only improve your chance of winning the custody you want, but may help you to win full custody, depending on the situation.

Asset Division

Unless you signed a prenuptial agreement with clear instructions as to how assets are to be divided, you need a matrimonial law lawyer to help you work through the process of asset division. It is not uncommon for spouses in this type of situation to argue over everything from a certain tea set to who will own the dog after all is said and done. A professional can help you more fully argue your case for each disagreement and increase your chances for winning ownership of that item, regardless of what it might be or why you want it.

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