Getting The Right Lift Deck Scales For the Job

Adding lift deck scales for a variety of production, manufacturing, and industrial locations is a highly effective and simple way to complete weighing requirements. Choosing the right sizes and models with the features that are ideal not just for today’s needs but for the company needs in the future is the best possible investment.

The basic premise of lift deck scales is the scale itself can be elevated, allowing for complete cleaning underneath, around within the scale. This allows for eliminating issues with contamination or cross-contamination, making this a very practical as well as effective scale choice.

Different designs of lift deck scales are specifically constructed to withstand the most demanding environments. These work environments could include chemicals, wet work areas or areas that include both wet and dry conditions. To make the scale even more durable, models with hermetically sealed load sensors will have a much longer life even in these less than ideal operating conditions.


While by design all lift deck scales will be low profile, the size of the platform and the capacity of the scale will be critical to consider. Look for a size that not only will handle current production and weighing needs but that can also handle additional weight and larger containers.

In some cases, choosing a size in lift deck scales may also have to do with the physical space where the scale will be located. This is true for pit scales or in a location where the actual area around the scale may be restricted.

Electronic Calibration

The size will also determine the ease of movement of the scale, and look for built in handles on the sides to help easily position the scales where needed. To make things easy and to slow down delays in using the scales, always choose models with electronic calibration.

This allows the load sensors to automatically be recalibrated without any need for using test weights and completing a manual calibration. All that the user has to do is to push a button on the control system to have the lift deck scales automatically calibrate, making short work of a very time-consuming job.

Last but not least, choose lift deck scales from a reputable company with a significant history in providing these scales to industrial and commercial locations. With a long history in providing the most durable and rugged scales there is less risk of a costly breakdown and risk with inaccurate readings is virtually eliminated.

At Hardy Process Solutions, our lift deck scales are designed with the most rugged work environments in mind. We offer a full line of scales for all industrial weighing applications, and you can see them online at

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