Groundbreaking Advancement for Infertility Treatment with In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio TX

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Health

Couples who are trying to start a family and have had tough luck so far might feel terribly disheartened. Fortunately, fertility treatment has come a long way over the last couple of decades. Couples seeking help to conceive today undergo extensive diagnostic testing and personalized treatment to help with conception. In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio TX is done when an egg is fertilized through medical intervention. A fertility doctor may suggest in vitro after ovulation induction was unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy.

In Vitro Fertilization in San Antonio TX can be depended on for successful outcomes to conquer many types of fertility issues. It has the highest success rate in treating infertility due to tubal blockage and endometriosis. These conditions can stop sperm from reaching an egg to fertilize it. It’s also highly successful in couples where male infertility is an issue. In Vitro, technology has advanced so much since it began as a fertility treatment. Unlike in the earlier times of in vitro fertilization, it’s no longer necessary to transfer multiple embryos. The success ratio does not go down with fewer egg transfer count. This is good news for many because pregnancy with multiples has risks for the mother and babies.

When receiving treatment for in vitro, the woman will get preparatory treatment with gonadotropin injections. Once follicles of the fallopian tubes grow to the range of 18-20mm, it will soon be time for a trigger injection. Trigger injections prepare eggs for retrieval. Eggs are extracted about thirty-six hours afterward. A retrieved egg either gets standard insemination or has a sperm injected directly into the egg. The highest chances of successful fertilization occur when the doctor finds a healthy sperm for injection.

Some people are candidates for fast track IVF. A couple of steps are skipped in the process. The trigger injection stage is skipped. This saves time and money with success rates staying in the same range with standard IVF procedures. Older women are good candidates for this procedure since pregnancy is a time sensitive matter. Fertility doctors feel that older women gain little benefit from the trigger injection procedure, and their chances remain the same with fast track IVF. Standard IVF may put women of advanced maternal age at a disadvantage anyway because the treatment phase is longer. Contact a specialist for Fertility Texas to schedule a consultation.

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