Guitar Lessons in San Marcos CA Can Change Your Life for the Better

Summer is the perfect time to get started on Guitar Lessons in San Marcos CA. Kids who get started learning the guitar now can go back to school knowing how to play enough chords to be able to accompany themselves on some of their favorite songs. A kid who can play the guitar and, if he sticks with guitar playing, an adult who can play the guitar is the life of the party, an endless source of timeless, low tech entertainment.

How Much Can You Accomplish in a Summer?

A kid who starts Piano Lessons, Drum Lessons, or Guitar Lessons at Leading Note Studios this summer is not going to be the next Elton John, Ginger Baker, or Eddie Van Halen, respectively, by the time classes resume in the fall, but he will return to school with a new found confidence and sense of purpose. In the first few weeks of lessons, young musicians will learn the basics of melody, harmony, and rhythm. Even more importantly, they will start playing immediately; lessons are hands on right from the start. In the first few weeks, they will learn to play simple songs, both classic and contemporary, which will be familiar to them.

Playing an Instrument Broadens Your Horizons

As one of the most rewarding and most immediate benefits of taking Guitar Lessons in San Marcos CA kids who learn to play the guitar will see music in a whole new way. They will hear songs on the radio that they have heard before and notice new things in them. Everyone knows that the intro of “Behind Blue Eyes” is pretty, but to musicians who recognize those first few notes as arpeggios, it is downright gorgeous. Learning an instrument makes you an insider to the secret language of music, and this inside knowledge begins at your first lesson.

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