Hair Salons: On Picking the Best One

If you aren’t happy with your hair, it might be time to consider breaking up with your current hair salon and finding a new one. Before you go online and look up ‘hair salons near me in Katy TX’, here are a few tips to help you:

Look for reviews

That’s an excellent piece of advice from HealthGuidance. As more and more customers find their way online, it’s easy enough these days to look for and find reviews about a company or service. Are the reviews on a positive note? Did any past customers file a complaint against the company? These can influence your decision on whether it’s a go or no.

Go with referrals

Referrals are another way to find reliable salons. However, don’t expect them to be the right one right away. If your friend’s hair isn’t colored or is naturally curly and black, that could mean different results for your hair. Ask or do your research and look up ‘hair salons near me in Katy TX’ that cater to your kind of hair first before you make an appointment.

Give it a try

You won’t really know unless you try the service for yourself. It might not be a big hit with some of your friends but depending on your hairstyle and type, it might just be the right one for you.

Observe staff

Are they rude to you? Impolite in any way? There’s no reason to subject yourself to that treatment. If the customer service of the salon leaves much to be desired, there’s always plenty more out there that you can check out. Walk away and take your business elsewhere.

Pick someone professional

Even if your stylist chats with you, make sure s/he gets the job done and is competent at it. If your stylist spends more time chatting than cutting your hair, you might want to switch to someone else.

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