Hair Salons Profit From Wheelchair Accessible Sinks

As the population ages, increasingly people will expect various services to accommodate their special needs. While many retail outlets have added ramps and made aisles wider in their attempts to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to maintain their customer base, accessibility needs to expand further. Hair salons, for example, need to consider such items as wheelchair accessible sinks.

The Importance of Wheelchair Accessible Sinks in a Hair Salon

Many of those who have disability continue to maintain an active social life. For them, a visit to the hair salon is part of their lifestyle. Once a month or more often, they want to have their hair pampered by a professional. If you are in a wheelchair, this can cause issues. Even if the hair salon has a ramp and ample space between workstations, it may lack wheelchair accessible sinks.

A sink of this nature is imperative if those in wheelchairs are to receive the same treatment as those who are not. It is a leveling mechanism; it is a tool to ensure that a person in wheelchair can enjoy the same experience as everyone else. Wheelchair accessible sinks means everyone who enters the hair salon can retain their dignity.

Letting the disabled retain their dignity is but one of the benefits derived from having installed wheelchair accessible sinks and other similar items. Hair salons that ensure everyone is truly welcome into their businesses are truly inclusive. They:

  • Allow their clients to be independent since they can make it into their salon and not have to shift out of their wheelchair
  • Provide them with the total salon experience
  • Makes all individuals feel welcome
  • Makes the trip out so enjoyable it is bound to be repeated

Owning and running a hair salon is all about making the experience pleasant for everyone. Hair salons, with wheelchair accessible sinks and other related user-friendly items, are reassuring all their clients. They are saying they appreciate their patronage. They are essentially hanging a sign out that says “Welcome” to everyone.

Wheelchair Accessible Sinks

If you are in a wheelchair because of your age or a disability, life can become more difficult. Some matters are more difficult to handle than others are. Trips out of the residence can quickly become challenging. A simple trip to a hair salon can end up becoming an embarrassing nightmare.

This does not have to (and should never) happen. A hair salon, if it wants to be inclusive and make certain everyone has a positive experience in their facility can take positive and remedial actions. Not only should there be space enough for maneuvering, but also choosing the right equipment can easily ensure easy access to everyone. A ramp is a good start, but, , why not add wheelchair accessible sinks and other similar items to make sure the salon experience responds to specialized needs.

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