Has The Time Come To Think About A Bathroom Remodel?

By and larger, the house is in great condition. There are a few areas that could stand some updating in order to make the place even more comfortable. One of those areas just might be the master bathroom. Here are some signs that the time has come to think about investing in a Bathroom Remodel in Troy MI.

Efficient Use of Space

There is no doubt that the master bathroom is functional, but the arrangement of the major elements does leave a little to be desired. The result is space that is not quite large enough to use for anything in particular. With the aid of a contractor, it is possible to come up with a plan for a Bathroom Remodel in Troy MI that makes the best possible use of every square inch of the area. Far from making the bathroom feel more cramped, the remodeling will actually give the bathroom a more spacious feel.

Replacing Worn Elements

Take a good look at the bathtub. Could it stand to be reglazed? If the homeowner really likes the tub, the reglazing can easily be included in the remodeling plan. If not, this is the ideal time to think about replacing the older porcelain tub with an acrylic model. Along with being easier to clean, it will sport a sheen that the older tub has not possessed in years.

Doing Something About the Tile

The homeowner has to admit that the tile is not exactly in the best possible color. While the selection was fine when the home was built, times have changed. New tile for the floor and the walls would certainly update the look of the space. Consider going with a neutral color or colors so that it will be easy to change the look of the space by swapping out the accessories.

For anyone who is wondering what a remodel would do for the place, talk with the team at Acorn Kitchen and Bath today. After taking a look at some of the possibilities, it will be easy to get excited about the idea. With the proper planning, coming up with a plan will be a breeze, and the contractor can have the project done in less time than the owner expected.

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