Having A Construction Law Attorney in Green Valley NV On Your Side Is Smart

It doesn’t matter if a person is a general contractor or a subcontractor. Having a Construction Law Attorney in Green Valley NV review a contract is just good business. Sure, a contractor that has experience will have a basic idea of how to draw up a contract, but it always helps to have a professional who has been formally trained in law review all contract documents.

Having Complete Documentation

When bringing a contract to a lawyer to be reviewed, it’s necessary to have all the documentation. Sometimes, a contractor can sign a contract without everything being present. For example, the project specifications might not be there when the contract is signed. Since the contract can bind both the general contractor and any subcontractor they hire, reviewing every piece of documentation is important.


A Construction Law Attorney in Green Valley NV can help with any warranties that a contractor might issue to a client. When making a contract, the warranty should start when the contractor’s work is done on the project. The warranty shouldn’t start when the entire project is completed. By having a warranty start when the entire project is completed, a contractor risks accidentally extending their warranty. Consulting with an attorney like Pintar Albiston LLP can help clear up any confusion about drawing up a construction contract.

A Spoken Word Isn’t Good Enough

Far too many contractors make the mistake of not getting changes to contracts in writing. Whenever something changes that involves the contract, it needs to be written down. If there isn’t a changed document showing proof that changes were indeed agreed upon, a dispute can turn into a contractor’s word against what their client is claiming. It’s just too easy for people to forget about the details of agreements that haven’t been written down.

Much like other areas of law, contract law involving construction projects can be confusing to the layman. Fortunately, hiring a lawyer can solve any problem a contractor has with creating a solid construction contract. Once a contractor has a valid contract that has been signed by all parties involved, the agreed upon construction project can start. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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