Help for Filing for Social Security Disability in Halifax, VA

Filing for disability can be an overwhelming process. This is especially true if you do not know your rights. This is why many people receive a denial when they first file for benefits. To make sure you receive the benefits you deserve, you can hire a lawyer to help you with your Social Security Disability in Halifax, VA. This can make the process go much more smoothly, so you can focus on your health.

When you first file for your social security disability benefits, do not be surprised if you are first denied. Denials are common for people who are filing for the first time. Often, an appeal is needed, before you can get an approval. This is why many people end up giving up on the process. Instead of giving up, it is important for you to get help from a lawyer. The lawyer can file an appeal on your behalf, so your case can be settled in court.

To make sure you receive your benefits, you need to have two medical doctors willing to fill out your disability forms and state you are completely disabled. This medical backing is crucial for an approval. Those who do not provide this information are typically denied right away.

If your case goes through the appeal process, the lawyer will be able to submit further medical evidence to help with substantiating your claim of disability. You will be asked to sign a medical release, so your lawyer can pull all of your medical records and submit them in court. The lawyer will also work to bring in medical professionals to testify on your condition.

If you hire a lawyer to help you with your case, you will not be required to pay any fees unless you are approved for your benefits. When you receive your first lump sum payment, the lawyer’s fees will be subtracted.

If you are in need of help for Social Security Disability in Halifax, VA, visit Cunningham Law Group. By visiting us, you can learn how a lawyer can assist you in filing for disability benefits and appealing a denial.

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