Helpful Information from a Car Accident Attorney in Albuquerque, NM

Thousands of motorists are injured annually in automobile accidents. Some of the accidents end up being fatalities, even. These automobile accidents end up in legal battles under a type of law called tort. Tort is simply another term for a personal injury, or an accident that occurs to a person through no fault of his or her own. If a person does have a car accident, in addition to settling with the insurance company, there may be an option to file a personal injury lawsuit. A Car Accident Attorney Albuquerque NM helps clients involved in accidents. Here are some things clients need to know.

The first thing of which a client should be aware is the statute of limitations for filing a civil lawsuit for a car accident. In New Mexico, the client has three years to file the lawsuit in a civil court. If the lawsuit is not filed, any opportunity to have the case heard will be gone. No opportunities will exist to be awarded damages. In the case of filing property damage (such as to the vehicle), the client has four years to file the lawsuit. In any case, time is of the essence.

To best take advantage of the statute of limitations, the client should file his or her insurance claim immediately, so that there will be a window to sue if necessary. Meanwhile, the other party could try to prove that the client is partially responsible for the accident. New Mexico employs the pure comparative fault rule. This means that any amount the client is found to be at fault, that percentage will be reduced from a number of damages that may be received.

The Carter & Valle Law Firm has been providing legal solutions for clients in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area for a long time. In addition to helping with car accidents, the law firm also helps with other personal injury cases, including work-related injuries and medical malpractice, and with family and divorce law. Potential clients can call for an initial free consultation. If any parties are looking for a Car Accident Attorney Albuquerque NM, the law firm is available. Parties can browse website at

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