Helpful Insect Prevention Tips from Non-Toxic Pest Control Companies

One of the benefits of working with environmentally-friendly non-toxic pest control companies is the focus on prevention of further insect problems after treatment. This includes making recommended changes to the exterior of the home and the backyard to make the areas around your home less attractive to destructive or annoying bugs, flying insects, mosquitoes, and even serious problem insects like cockroaches and termites.

To help you get started, here are a few of the easiest and most effective strategies for making your backyard and home less friendly to unwanted bugs and insects. Keep in mind, most non-toxic pest control companies will provide specific recommendations for your home and yard after the inspection is completed.

Remove Old Wood

Most types of insects, but particularly termites, are attracted to old wood. This includes old trees, limbs, or firewood that may be left stacked against the house or against a garage or shop. Cockroaches may also live in old wood, although some wood roach species are not likely to become a problem indoors.

Removing old piles of wood and avoiding the use of wood mulch against the home can help reduce the risk of termite or outdoor cockroach problems.

Standing Water in Drains

To help get rid of flying insects, particularly mosquitoes, drain standing water in your backyard. This includes filling in depressions in the lawn that may hold water, as well as getting rid of any types of decorations or objects that trap and hold rainwater.

Having non-toxic pest control companies complete an inspection of your home and backyard is an important first step in protecting your home from insect problems.

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