Helpful tips when preparing for the landscaping process

Landscaping projects seem complex, time consuming and overwhelming at the start. As most seasoned professionals will admit, though, the devil is in the details. Whether you succeed or fail all depends on the amount of planning that goes into the task. Before starting the landscaping task, here are some important things you must think about in the planning phase;

The purpose
There are several reasons people hire a Landscaping Company in Charlotte, NC. Whatever the reason, the direction the job takes will ultimately be determined by the initial purpose. You might want to utilize the space you have in your compound. Make space for hobbies, entertaining guests, cooking and barbeques, creating additional space for dining, reading, the kids playing or the adults relaxing. Whatever the reason, one has to make sure that their idea fits seamlessly with the design of their house.

The target
Think about the people who will use the space the most during the planning and design phase. A family with older kids will have different landscape designers compared to that which has young kids and is making space for them to play. Another consideration could be pets and the age of the users. If the users are elderly, one might consider having a design that provides easy access to the house.

Regional climate
The climate of the region is also a huge determining factor. The climate becomes a factor when one thinks about things like orientation of their property. When making crucial decisions, the landscape architects might have to decide on things like the sunny areas, the view, direction of the wind and the drainage.

Nature of the Soil
You will almost always need to have new plants, trees or flowers during a typical landscaping exercise. Make sure the soil on your property has the right nutrients for the plants you are looking to plant. The soil determines the type of plants used, and failure to investigate this might result in rude shocks. If you are unsure, have someone from the landscaping team run tests on the soil.

The technical plans come first, and then the design and aesthetics follow. It is only after this that you can be able to choose an appropriate style.

Landscaping is only as smooth as the amount of preparation that goes into it. At Stewart’s landscaping, we will guide you through this and so much more. Call us today for more information.

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