Helping Bolingbrook Residents Diagnose and Treat Ankle Sprains and Pain

A sprained ankle can be unbelievably painful. If your employment requires you to be standing all day, a sprained ankle can stop you from doing your job. Even if that’s not the case, trying to do simple tasks becomes exponentially more challenging if you are dealing with ankle pain in Bolingbrook.

You can sprain your ankle at any time and in various ways. An ankle sprain happens when your ankle is hit or twisted unnaturally. When you sprain your ankle, the ligaments that hold your bones in place are stretched beyond their limits. In severe cases, an ankle sprain could be a ligament tear.

If you are dealing with ankle pain in Bolingbrook, a podiatrist can tell you if you are dealing with a sprain. Some of the other symptoms include pain, swelling, and bruising. Depending on how severe the sprain is, you may not be able to stand or walk. With less severe sprains, you might be able to walk and stand, but it doesn’t mean that the condition should be left untreated. If you choose not to treat the sprain and continue to walk, the injury could worsen or lead to an injury in a different part of your foot or leg.

Your podiatrist can help you find relief from the pain of an ankle sprain. Learn more about how podiatrists help patients with foot and ankle pain and see how the specialists at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates are dedicated to helping you heal your injury as effectively as possible when you visit their website.