Helping To Promote Reading With A Library On Wheels

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Charitable Trust

Reading is a pleasure that many people take for granted. It is easy for those with transportation and money to go to a local bookstore, visit a library in their city or community, or even order books online.

Individuals in poor areas or those who cannot afford to purchase books to take transportation to a library do not have the luxury of readily available books. They do not have the opportunity to choose what they read. Instead, they must make do with books they have or books they can borrow from friends or family members.

Students in these poor communities may not have the academic books they need to study and learn. Adults do not have access to books to help them advance in their careers, find better jobs, or to be able to read to their children. This is a disadvantage to all, but it is one that can be solved.

The Solution

A library on wheels is the answer to this very real problem. This is a mobile library that can travel to different communities on a schedule, bringing books to people rather than having the people go to the books.

The benefits of a library on wheels are impossible to measure. However, the number of people that visit the mobile library shows just how much this service is valued throughout the community.

Charitable trusts operating the library on wheels bring a selection of different books with each visit. These books range from classic to modern literature, non-fiction books, and even academic books for those with an interest in learning.

At Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, we provide a library on wheels for different communities. To find out more about our mobile library or to make a donation, see us at

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