Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Vail

Those who have been affected by domestic violence may need to get more information pertaining to their legal options. Domestic violence is defined as the use of force or fear to intimidate others. Examples include throwing objects, taking car keys, preventing one from leaving, breaking objects and physical violence. Abuse can be economic, emotional or physical in nature and a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Vail knows that it’s not confined to marriages.

For Domestic Violence Victims

A person who has been a victim of domestic violence may be able to get a protective order. If the aggressor violates that order, they may face a jail sentence. Orders are at first temporary, and court hearings determine whether the order will continue. Before a victim files for a protective order, they should consult an attorney. Evidence admissible in a domestic violence case vary by location and a lawyer can help the victim get what they need to make the order stand. In some instances, a protective order may not be sufficient and the aggressor may go directly to jail.

For Those Accused of Domestic Violence

Those accused of domestic violence should hire an attorney as soon as possible. The client should fully disclose the facts of the case, and the lawyer can tell them whether the charges will stick. Some people are unaware of the definition of domestic violence and they erroneously file charges. For instance, restraining a person to prevent them from self-harming is not domestic violence. It can be beneficial to discuss one’s legal options. Even if a client is found guilty, they may be able to stay out of jail if they change their behavior and follow the rules of the court. If a protective order is set forth, the client should not violate it.

Potential Outcomes

Possible outcomes vary by jurisdiction. Cases may end in dismissal with or without prejudice, amended charges, stipulated orders of compliance or a guilty finding. Every case has unique circumstances and no two outcomes are the same. Consulting a domestic violence lawyer in Vail can help clients learn about local domestic violence law.

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