Hire an Accident Injury Lawyer After a Brake Check Accident

Everyone has been in an unfavorable driving situation at some point, but some happen through no fault of the driver’s own. In this article, readers can learn what happens when they hit someone who cuts them off and slams on the brakes, and how a lawyer can help.

Assessing Fault

In rear-end collisions, fault is typically determined by the drivers’ insurance companies. Frequently, however, the fault is automatically put on the following motorist for not maintaining a safe distance behind the forward vehicle. In some cases, the accident may be the fault of the braking vehicle’s driver. If the driver demonstrated negligence by suddenly reversing, stopping in the middle of the road, or by failing to maintain brake lights, they can be held liable.

Staged Accidents Involving “Brake Checking”

Most people are honest, but some unethical drivers intentionally create auto accidents to sue the other party. If a motorist is brake-checked by someone who cuts them off, the accident may be staged. Known as a “swoop and squat”, these accidents are hard to prove and the victim may need to visit Vermontlawyers.net to hire an accident injury lawyer.

What a Driver Should Do in the Event of a Rear-End Collision

Above all else, the driver should try to relax. Auto accidents are often chaotic, but getting angry or panicking won’t help the situation at all. The victim may be extremely angry that the other driver hit their brakes too hard and caused the accident, but starting an argument could be detrimental to one’s case. Drivers should remain calm, take notes of the other party’s driver’s license, insurance and contact information, talk to witnesses and take photos if possible. The more evidence one gathers, the easier it is to prove a claim.

Rear-end collisions are very common, but the liability issues involved can be extremely complex. The negotiation process that occurs between drivers, lawyers and attorneys can be complicated, and drivers should consider hiring an accident injury lawyer after a crash. By hiring legal representation, one stands a much better chance of getting fair compensation for their losses and injuries.

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