Hire an Online Living Will Attorney in Rockland County, NY to Create a Legally Binding Document

There are a variety of considerations to make when creating a living will, but one of the most important is deciding which life-prolonging measures to take in the event of illness or catastrophe. Medicine is constantly evolving, and clients should discuss their wishes with their doctors. The greater the specificity of the living will, the easier it will be for physicians and relatives to follow.

Putting Wishes in Writing

Although many jurisdictions permit the making of an oral living will, there is scant evidence of these statements. If people’s memories differ as to the creator’s wishes or if relatives are too emotionally taxed to make a good decision, it is important to have a written statement for doctors to rely on. If injury or illness occurs and one cannot make their own treatment decisions, the only way to control treatment is to have a written living will. By putting their wishes in writing, one can take away biases and uncertainty surrounding the process.

What Should be Included

Deciding what to include is up to the client and their Online Living Will Attorney Rockland County NY, as a living will may be as broad or as narrow as one desires. However, certain areas should be covered, such as powers of attorney and one’s wishes for life-saving treatment. Such sections would cover the following areas:

* CPR: Does the client want physicians to resuscitate them if their heart stops beating?

* Breathing tubes: Does the client want a doctor to help them breathe through a throat tube or ventilator?

* Hydration and feeding: Does the person wish to be fed and hydrated indefinitely if they’re in a persistent vegetative state?

* Pain relief: What type of pain relievers does the client want?

A living will attorney like Mark Aberasturi can help clients draft such a document, and they can ensure that all state requirements are met. Knowing what to include can help clients avoid expensive errors.

Hiring Legal Help

It may be beneficial to hire an Online Living Will Attorney Rockland County NY when contemplating what to include in the document. To ensure that one’s wishes are followed during a difficult time, it’s important to ensure that the document is legally binding. A local attorney can ensure that all requirements are met, allowing the client to rest easy knowing that they are still in charge of their medical treatment.

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