Hiring A Construction Accident Lawyer In Joliet, IL To Enforce OSHA Standards

OSHA outlines safety requirements for all construction and demolition projects. The state of Illinois enforces these standards as presented through statutes that apply to personal injuries, including worker’s compensation cases. According to these federal and state laws and safety standards, the responsibility for maintaining a secure work environment rests firmly in the hands of the contractor coordinating and managing these projects. If you were injured or lost a loved one due to non-compliance of these regulations, hire a Construction Accident Lawyer in Joliet IL by contacting a law firm like Kipnis & Kahn LTD today.

Regulations and Standards for Construction Sites

The first requirement by OSHA pertaining to construction sites states that no employer or contractor can require a worker to perform work duties in areas that are dangerous to their safety or health, that are unsanitary, or that are in any way hazardous. The contractor or employer overseeing the project is required to take preventative action to avert all probabilities of an injury. It is further the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all safety policies and standards are followed throughout each phase of the work order.

Inspecting the Work Site

The employer or contractor performs a survey of the work area frequently to assess the presence of hazards. This doesn’t include inspections at predetermined milestones by building code inspectors. Any risky areas that are discovered must be remedied before workers enter the area. If these discoveries are not managed properly and an injury occurs, the victim is within their rights to contact a construction accident lawyer and file a claim.

Acts of Negligence

All construction workers are to wear protective gear throughout the duration of the project as outlined in OSHA standards. A failure to provide adequate apparel for these workers makes the contractor or employer liable for any injuries that are sustained during the project. This includes footwear, protective clothing, and eyewear. A refusal to offer these items to workers could be considered an act of negligence if a worker is severely injured or killed.

State laws and OSHA standards are regulated throughout Illinois. All workers are protected under these regulations and are afforded with the right to perform duties in a safe and hazard-free environment. If you sustained an injury due to non-compliance, an act of negligence, or other avoidable occurrences, you should contact a Construction Accident Lawyer in Joliet IL promptly.

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