Hiring A Furniture Removalist For Commercial Relocations

Have you taken the appropriate steps to prepare for a commercial relocation? The key to eliminating stress and avoiding damages to personal belongings is to hire a professional who is recognised in the moving industry. Not only does assistance from a reputable mover offer peace of mind but also, it protects you financially in the event that something goes wrong! From equipment disposal to the assembly and disassembly of furniture, someone in this line of work can assist in many ways. Read on to find out more about why commercial removal services are preferred over DIY moves.

Getting Quotes from Companies

This is the first and most obvious tip for hiring someone you can trust with a commercial relocation, but it really is important to shop around. Even if you aren’t tied to a tight budget, comparing quotes will give you a better understanding of what a company can offer you in regards to packing, assembling and transporting furniture. Quotes should be gathered at least three months before the big move and ideally you should track down a company that includes additional services, like setting up new utilities, in the overall cost.

Carrying Out a Risk Assessment

You wouldn’t want your business to see disruptions and delays during the whole moving process would you? If safety issues arise, things in the business might have to be put on hold and you could miss out on valuable opportunities with new and existing customers. By carrying out a risk assessment ahead of the move, a healthier work environment can be enjoyed and there will be less risk of items being damaged or people getting injured. When carrying out this risk assessment, consider creating a safety plan, too.

Finalising Floor Plan Layouts

Just like you wouldn’t introduce new furniture in the home without taking measurements beforehand, you shouldn’t hire a removal company without first knowing what the new office’s floor plan layout looks like. The more you know about the floor plan, the more accurate you can expect the quote to be. Brief staff on the move to make sure nothing gets in the way of the movers, and label furniture and IT equipment, so that the professionals are well informed about the contents of every box.

Reliable and experienced, Beckleys Transport is a company worth working with if you want to enjoy a stress-free move.

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