Hiring An Elder Abuse Attorney In A Midwest City

Elder abuse is a growing problem in the U.S. Government figures show there are more than 40-million residents aged 65 and over. Sadly, 4 million of those people are abused each year. Elder abuse takes many different forms including physical, emotional and sexual. Other forms include financial exploitation and neglect. Signs of physical abuse include unexplained injuries, bruises and burns. Fearful behavior and anxiety may be signs of emotional abuse. For example, it may mean something if a loved one is suddenly afraid of the nursing home staff.

Financial fraud is one of the fastest growing forms of elder abuse. Victims need to consult an Elder Abuse Attorney in Midwest City. This crime is hard to fight because victims often do not report it. They are humiliated and afraid they are losing control of their finances. Family members should learn about the various scams used to target the elderly and educate them. One of the more common scams is overcharging seniors. This is seen a lot in the home remodeling business. Scam artists target individuals who may need home repairs and then charge them three times what the job is worth. On the other hand, crooks talk the elderly into signing powers of attorney. Unfortunately, with this document they can access all their property. That is why caregivers need to be involved in all aspects of a senior’s life including finances. Visit website fro more details.

One of the most tragic forms of elder abuse occurs in nursing homes. Often the people who are paid to take care of our loved ones are abusive. Classic signs of neglect include bed sores, malnourishment and soiled bedding. It is hard to believe but sometimes the elderly are victims of sexual abuse. Signs may include a loved one having an STD or genital injury. If you think someone has been abused contact the Elder Abuse Attorney in Midwest City. The Cain Law Office will fight for their rights. Claimants are entitled to bring several actions against nursing homes including financial fraud and neglect. Next, if you are concerned about their safety, make arrangements to move them to another facility. No one should have to be afraid in their golden years.

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