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Foreclosure is a lawsuit filed by the lender to repossess your house. As the purchaser, you are not powerless. Your rights include forcing the lender to prove their case, stating you are more than just behind on your mortgage. The lender must not only prove that you owe them money, they have to show how the amount due is calculated, and they actually own the mortgage. Believe it or not, sometimes it’s easier said than done. If the lender cannot prove the case, the foreclosure is stopped. If you want to ensure you have the best chances of winning your case, you should hire Dayton Ohio’s Best Foreclosure Attorney.

Understanding the time line based exclusions

Day 1- You are behind and miss your first payment. No penalties will be assessed at the time.

Day 16-30- Late fees are assessed. Your lender will contact you for an explanation and to try to resolve before the situation deteriorates further.

Day 45-60- Administrator sends a “demand” or “violation” letter to you with the terms of the mortgage. You are given 30 days to pay the full amount past due, bringing the account current.

Day 90-105- All technical terms for the foreclosure is sent and the lender retains an attorney to handle the foreclosure. Depending on where you live, the representative of the service provider may issue a default notice at your local courthouse. They will also publish the proceedings in local newspapers.

Day 150-415- Trustee sale notices are filed and your home will be scheduled for foreclosure auction or sale. This interval varies according to state laws and individual requirements.

Foreclosures are legal cases where benchmarks must be met. As soon as your case is handed to a foreclosure lawyer, the execution of a foreclosure must be advertised. This is usually done in local newspapers. The process can be very time consuming from beginning to end. If a military member is a property owner, there are several additional safeguards which are required by federal and state statutes. However, the clock is ticking from the moment you receive your first notice. For more information contact Thompsonanddeveny.com today.

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