Hiring Emergency Plumbers? 5 Things You Should Know

This Old House says there are basically two types of plumbers: emergency and remodeling plumbers. The second one is ideal if you want a makeover for your plumbing system. Most remodeling plumbers often have a deep understanding of residential-style design in order to get the job done. This usually includes skills in scrap carpeting to repairing holes in the walls, among other things.

The Cost

Remodeling plumbers, though, are different from emergency plumbers by a single factor: emergency plumbers have to stop that leaky pipe in your basement at three in the morning. That’s a rush job. Considering the urgency of the situation, the need to fix the problem right away, and the inconvenient times, it’s no wonder that emergency plumber charges are quite high.

Hiring Tips

*   Don’t go for the lowest price. Invest in the services of a quality emergency plumber in Lake Elsinore. Remember that you’re not just paying for the plumber’s expertise. When you’re hiring an emergency plumber in Murrieta, for instance, you’re also paying for the convenience of having that contactor come in to fix your plumbing troubles at one in the morning or at ten in the evening.
*   Ask about licenses. It’s important that you’re sure the plumbing contractor you hire is licensed for the work. It’s even better if you know they already have experience dealing with the plumbing problems you have. However, it can be difficult to find one on such short notice. One effective work-around for this, though, is to hire a plumber when you don’t have a plumbing emergency. If you’ve got non-emergency plumbing work, then go through the motions of finding a contractor. That way, you’ll have considerably more time to choose the right plumbing specialist.
*   Check for insurance. Aside from being licensed, your plumbing contractor should have insurance as well. That way, if something happens, you won’t be liable for medical costs. The insurance company will have you covered.
*   Get estimates. Don’t stick to one or two estimates. If it’s a big job, get two, three, or even four different estimates. Then compare them carefully. Choose the one that provides for your needs the most.
*   Get in touch with clients. Request for a client list then call them up and ask about the plumbing contractor you’re in negotiations with. Were they satisfied with the service? Would they recommend this plumber?

The key to hiring an excellent emergency plumber is to hire one when you haven’t got a plumbing emergency. That way, when you do have one, you already know what numbers to call.

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