Hiring Professional Electricians When Expanding a Home’s Living Space

Hiring professional electrical contractors near Mandeville is recommended for installation service when homeowners will be finishing an attic or constructing an addition to the house. The property owner may have some experience with basic electrical do-it-yourself projects, but that’s quite different from installing new wiring for various features.

A person who isn’t an electrician might be able to safely replace a light switch, but installing new wiring requires professional expertise. At a minimum, the new living space will need outlets to plug-in electrical equipment. Overhead light fixtures and a ceiling fan could be desirable. There may be some wiring for the electrician to work within an attic, but an addition starts with none.

An additional circuit breaker or two might be required for the extra living space. If the finished attic or home addition will use a substantial amount of power, electrical contractors near Mandeville might recommend installing a sub-panel circuit breaker for this area. This secondary equipment is a satellite connection with the main panel.

Some electrical devices cannot be run on the same breaker because they draw too much power. For example, trying to run a space heater and a microwave oven on the same breaker will likely cause it to trip. The customers of electrical contractors should explain the amount of power they expect to need in this new living space. Then the contractor can tackle the installation project with a coherent plan. This type of project can be completed by the contractor AccuTemp. To know more visit us online today.