Home Care Agency in Alexandria, VA, Offers Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather is no joke, particularly for senior citizens. The National Institute on Aging states that older persons are more susceptible to the cold because they are more likely to have health issues that could make it more difficult for them to stay warm. Hypothermia, an extremely dangerous condition in which body temperature falls below 95°F, can be brought on by cold weather. The illness may make renal or liver damage as well as heart problems more likely.

Here are some pointers from a home care agency in Alexandria, VA, on how to greet Old Man Winter with caution and preparedness.

Be Mindful of Portable Heaters

While portable heaters may appear useful for keeping warm in the winter, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises using them carefully. The CPSC warns that if portable heaters are positioned too close to combustible items, such as beds, furniture, or drapes, they may catch fire. A reputable home care agency in Alexandria, VA, says it’s crucial to employ caution when using portable heaters because of the possible risks involved.

Service Furnace Early

It is very important to have a heater that works, especially during a big winter storm. Just like you should change your car’s oil every so often, you should service your furnace regularly to ensure it works well before you count on it for heat. Taking care of your heater before you need it can save you money and the trouble of finding a technician when you need one. Professionals from places such as Capital City Nurses recommend you keep a carbon monoxide monitor close by and know what to do in case you find a gas leak if you have a gas furnace.