Hoping to find the Best Smoke Protection? Invest in a Co2 Detector

Finding the best smoke protection involves more than just buying a fire alarm. You need to be sure that the device you purchase also has a Co2 detector. Some fire alarms only respond to intense heat or the presence of flames. Devices meant to detect carbon dioxide are much safer, as they can alert you to the possibility of danger before the eruption of flames.

How Each Device Works

Devices designed to detect carbon dioxide tend to use an ionization sensor. This sensor picks up on chemical reactions in the air, allowing it to detect smoke. These devices need to be attached or connected to an alert or alarm unless they have one of these units on board. Conversely, fire alarms tend only to have a heat sensor, that reacts when the temperature rises above a certain level. Since it cannot detect increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air, they may not raise the alert until the area is already engulfed in flames.

Which is Right for You?

When shopping for any type of fire protection for your family, you should always invest in units that have both detection and an alert component. This often means you and your family are alerted to the possibility of danger before flames erupt. If you have a large home, you may want to buy a unit that can tell you the type and location of concern. For example, these so-called Smart Units can tell you if the concern is due to increased Co2, the presence of another gas, or a full-blown fire.

Families looking to ensure they have the best smoke protection for their homes need more than just a fire alarm. One way to do this is to invest in a best smoke Co2 detector from First Alert available.

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