Horse Owners Benefit From Tractor Package Deals

Horse owners like to joke that their equines’ favourite food is money. However, many horse owners could save money if they search for Tractor Package Deals from a reputable dealership. What do deals include? website points out that good deals not only include the tractor, but also additional tools made for that particular tractor such as box blades, cutters, loaders and sometimes rebate programs. Even horse owners who do not grow their own hay or other crops can benefit from a powerful, reliable tractor for a farmhand.

What Size Tractor To Buy
The general advice given to horse owners is to buy the smallest tractor possible because the smaller the tractor, the smaller the price tag. However, a small tractor may not be what you need. Owners of stud farms, ranching outfits or riding schools need a tractor powerful enough to do all of the jobs required of it, otherwise that small tractor will wind up being a big headache. Consider what the tractor is to do. Is clearing a field or growing crops somewhere on the horizon? How much snow or mud does the land get? These jobs need big tractors, especially if the farm or stable is only minimally paved and often loaded with snow or mud.

For hobby farms or small horse businesses, a 3 or 4 cylinder tractor is appropriate. These tractors can handle manure spreading, basic landscaping and light hauling (such as pulling a stuck car.) They can also easily handle pastures or fields 10 acres or less. If a horse business or hobby farm has more than 10 acres of pasture to maintain, then look for a larger tractor from 40 to 80 horsepower.

Other Choices to Make Before Going to the Dealer
Just like with cars, tractors come in a wide variety. Some tractors come with power steering, which is perfect for properties full of tight spaces or for drivers with upper body issues. Tractors without power steering need plenty of muscle and sweat in order to steer. Remember shifting gears in order to drive cars? Tractors come with gears or hydro-static transmissions (similar to automatic transmissions.)

Barns and stables that suffer from lots of snow, ice or driving rain should consider getting four-wheel drive. Tractors with four-wheel drive are more expensive, but they have much better traction on slippery surfaces.

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