How a Child Support Attorney Assists All Parties in Rockford

A child support lawyer in Rockford, IL, helps families work through the financial issues surrounding divorce and minor children. This process centers around the health and well-being of the child, and many rules and regulations must be followed.

The Order

A child support order notes the amount to be paid and the schedule. Depending on the parties, the payments might be monthly, weekly, or on another schedule. The order will also dictate the way the money is to be paid. It might be in the form of a check or direct deposit. The order will state the duration of the payments and other conditions, such as insurance.


Due to changes in life situations and income, a child support order can be modified, and a child support lawyer in Rockford, IL, can help either party develop a new plan. The modification process can be complicated and involves lots of documentation and explanation. The original order often states reasons for possible modifications, such as an increase or decrease in earnings.


All parties have the right to contest an order they believe is unfair or drafted from false information. A child support lawyer in Rockford, IL, will calculate and analyze the current order and help you pull together the evidence needed to contest it. Your legal team may contact witnesses or call on professionals. Attorneys experienced in family law can create compelling arguments and negotiate with other lawyers. Mediation may also be involved, which can help avoid a lengthy legal battle. For more information on child support issues, visit Crosby Law Firm.