How a Hospice’s Home Care Service Can Help Patients

Many patients with terminal illnesses do not have to spend their remaining days in a hospital or hospice. They want to be surrounded by the people and things that they know and love. To help them spend their remaining time at home, there are services that a hospice can provide to make sure that the patients receive the care they need.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

If a patient makes the decision to spend their remaining time in his or her home, a hospice’s home care center may provide the medical supplies, equipment, and medications that he or she requires. The supplies and equipment will be related to the diagnosis so if the family needs or wants other equipment or supplies to take care of the patient’s other needs, then they would need to supply those items themselves.

Daily Care Needs

A hospice worker can come into the patient’s home and help him or her with his or her daily care needs. These needs may include bathing, dressing, toileting, combing his or her hair, and other personal hygiene care. The hospice may also have a nurse make visits to the patient’s home to provide any medical care that may be needed, including routine care such as checking vital signs.

Comfort for Families

When a patient decides to spend his or her last days at home, the home care center may provide spiritual and emotional support for him or her and his or her family. A patient can easily become depressed when facing a terminal illness, which can complicate his or her medical condition. Also, the illness is difficult on the family, especially when helping to provide care, so the support they receive is invaluable.

Terminal illnesses are difficult to face for the patient and for those who love him or her as well. However, with support from their home care center, everyone can get the support and help they need from Sacred Journey Hospice. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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